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We help and teach the non-technical population build apps & chatbot agents with no-code + AI.

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Education Content & Workshops

We offer learning content to get you started with all the no-code fundamentals in no time!

App Development & Consulting

Get your app ideas built in 2-4 weeks with maintenance & training.

Ditto - Build apps in text editor

A web app builder that works like Google Doc / Notion. No coding or design skills needed!

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Ditto AI



Courses & Templates

Our courses and templates that we built to help your first project off the ground in hours!

Thread Clone w/ Flutterflow

Build Threads/Twitter-like social media apps with Flutterflow. A 3-hour course with project template provided!

No-code Langchain AI App

Free crash course for non-techies to learn the fundamentals of building a Langchain AI app with zero code needed!

No-code Fundamentals

Get a free 3-part intro course to no-code and learn all the essential fundamentals!

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  • Free No-code Intro Course

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Jasper Jia, Founder of Nomo Codes. Product designer turned no-code developer and coach.

> Previously @Snap, he led the design efforts in game developer tooling, no-code AR engine and generative AI tools for advertisers.> Domain expertise in no-code and low-code: Years of experience designing complex creative and developer softwares> Specialist at abstracting technical concepts: Simplifying complexity to its essence for a highly digestible and actionable learning experience

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